Video of Our June 2019 D6 City Council Candidate Forum

THANK YOU to everyone who attended our D6 city council candidate forum at the Nordic Museum. We had a very full house of more than 275 people. Way to show up, Ballard!

The candidates were champs, answering almost 2 hours of questions and chatting with voters one-on-one afterward.

We have posted a full video on YouTube, so please share it around with other D6 voters. There is a guide below the video with links to specific questions so you can jump to topics of particular interest.

And KBFG 107.3 North Seattle​ will be broadcasting audio of the event on Tuesday, June 18, from 6-8pm!

It is a crowded election field for the August 2019 primary and BDC opted to invite 7 of 13 District 6 candidates, based on their record of fundraising and democracy vouchers, as well as consideration for candidates who have demonstrated community engagement by attending some of our meetings this past year. See information at the base of this post for more information on all the candidates. 

What Did We Ask the Candidates?

Below is a copy of the questions that were posed.

Opening Remarks
• Please introduce yourself and why you want to represent the greater Ballard area.

• Given the number of homelessness programs and services Ballard provides, what do you consider to be the largest issues regarding homelessness in central and greater Ballard, and how should they be addressed?

Affordable Housing / ADU / Single Family Zoning
• Current zoning in single family neighborhoods allows one Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) per lot. Where are you on the legislation currently being considered by the City Council, that would allow BOTH an ADU and DADU on a 3200 square foot lot in single family zones, with no requirement for owner occupancy or off-street parking?

• During your term in office (next four years), what specific transportation related improvements would you support to improve public transit, traffic, bicycling, and parking in Ballard?

Neighborhood Engagement
• About 3 years ago, the City discontinued support for the 13 District Councils, which had been a central source of information to and from the City for neighborhoods for about 30 years. What would you do during your term to improve city interaction with District 6 neighborhoods?

Police / Public Safety
• During your term, in the next few years, how would you improve public safety and police service in Ballard, and what do you think are the biggest obstacles to doing so?

• The industrial/maritime industry is a significant contributor to the state and local economy. What steps would you take to preserve industrial and maritime jobs and land uses in Ballard?

Landlord/Tenant – Renting
• City council has passed a flurry of landlord/tenant legislation in recent years, including ‘first in line’ tenant selection (currently held up in court) and no criminal background checks allowed. What ideas do you have to work with small landlords, who have traditionally provided some of the most affordable housing?

Parks & Greenspaces
• In 2014, voters approved the Seattle Park District, creating special taxing authority to maintain and improve parks, boulevards and recreational facilities, with city council serving as the Governing Board. Has the board been doing a fair and equitable job for all Seattleites and what is your vision for overseeing Seattle parks?

• How would you work with businesses to make them feel welcome in the city and also incentivize them to bring their resources to bear on important social issues in our city?

• Describe one or more pieces of existing (or proposed) city legislation that you would like to revise or repeal in your first year in office.

Closing Remarks
• What is your one great idea you would advocate for if elected and why are you the best person for this job?

Additional Information