Angie Gerrald, Vice President, Ballard District Council - CM Strauss Town Hall, 7/21/20

Video of BDC from CM Strauss’s Town Hall

The vice president of Ballard District Council, Angie Gerrald, participated in Councilmember Dan Strauss’s 7/21/20 Online Town Hall, providing a brief recap of the district council’s scope and history, as well as posing two Public Safety questions on behalf of the community.  Click the links below to view archived video:

9:09 — Overview of Ballard District Council

12:26 — Question 1: City council has strongly conveyed that you will be significantly and immediately making changes to the Seattle Police budget. What does this mean in practicality for the City in general and for Ballard in particular  in the next 6-12 months and 2-3 years? By what parameters are you gauging your accountability for public safety outcomes in the near term, given the unprecedented period of change?

14:59 — Question 2: Many police budget demands being presented to city council are centered around the concept of “community based organizations.” What does this tangibly mean, in the near term, for Ballard and other North Precinct neighborhoods, as funding is moved from the Seattle Police budget? How can the Ballard community engage in public safety reform at the local level?

The first half of the Town Hall also contains updates and questions from the Green Lake, Fremont, Wallingford and Phinney community councils.

The second half of the Town Hall featured a panel of Ballard residents having a community conversation about race, moderated by Dmarkis Wigfall, organizer for Justice for Black Lives.