Golden Gardens - sunny winter day, December 2020

Happy New Year from Ballard District Council

 2020 Review

All of us on the Board of the Ballard District Council want to wish you a very happy new year! I won’t be the umpteenth person to tell you about the difficulties of 2020. Instead, we want to mention a bit about what we did cover in 2020 and look into the new year positively.

We covered a lot of ground this year! We headed into the year hoping to update our 30+ year-old organization’s by-laws and put energy into increasing community outreach and participation. As the realities of the pandemic and other significant regional/national issues unfolded, our focus changed to coordinating BDC’s first-ever online meetings while prioritizing substantive and timely speakers/topics.

Multiple meetings welcomed local and state legislators, including Reuven Carlisle, Gael Tarleton, Dan Strauss, and a forum with the 36th District State House candidates Liz Berry and Sarah Reyneveld.

We continued to focus heavily on what we hear are the three biggest concerns of Ballard’s people: public safety, homelessness, and urban growth. One of the benefits of doing these meetings online is that they can still be viewed on our YouTube channel. Have a look!

Thank you to all who emailed us

The biggest topics we hear questions/concerns about are public safety and homelessness. Recently I had a letter to the Seattle Times published, urging the City to do better addressing these issues in our neighborhood.  Please continue to actively communicate with us!

Community Outreach

How can we reach more community members and increase the diversity of people engaging in local neighborhood civics? Help us get the word out and let us know if you have ideas for engaging more community, building relationships and sharing information.

Recap of “what is a district council?”

The notion of a “district council” is somewhat antiquated in today’s Seattle. We hope you find value in the concept of bringing together diverse groups and people at the local level to engage regularly in civic relationship-building and information-sharing — a chance to get out of specific silos and advocacy channels, to meet each other as neighbors, welcome speakers on a range of timely civic topics and engage with our elected leaders, and listen to one another’s questions, ideas, and concerns. Angie Gerrald, BDC Vice President, did a very nice job summarizing this while at Councilmember Dan Strauss’s town hall last summer. 

Looking Forward

We look forward to being able to meet in person again, as soon as it is safe. We have tentatively arranged for a return to meetings at the Ballard Library, as well as at the Sunset Hill Community Club, and very much anticipate a new normal that allows us to be together again. Please let us know where you prefer to meet, including staying online in the future!

Please join us for our next online meeting, January 13 at 7pm, for a series of presentations related to large building developments proposed on NW Market Street, including the new hotel.

Finally, have a new look at My Ballard. Under new leadership, this news and information media blog continues to be one of the best and only ways to keep up with neighborhood events and interesting items. Consider supporting them financially if you are able.

Thanks a lot, hope to see you online and masked up in the neighborhood between rainy days.

Brent Lackey, President