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January 2021 Meeting Recap

Our January 13 meeting focused on two major new building developments slated for different portions of Market Street in Ballard: 1145 NW Market Street and 2501 NW Market Street. We were joined by Jorden Selig of JSRA real estate development company, and Bill LaPatra and Martha Cox from Mithun architecture company.

The meeting included questions from Ballard community members who tuned in via YouTube. Thank you to all who participated.

My Ballard published a helpful recap and the full video is available on YouTube


January 2021 meeting: Market Street Developments

Join us on Wednesday, Jan 13, for the first BDC meeting of 2021.

Ballard is continuing to change and grow, and we’ll learn about major upcoming developments on NW Market Street.

Our speakers will include commercial developer Jordan Selig and other architects and project management staff.

The event will be broadcast on our YouTube channel. See the event link for additional background on the featured projects.

Please send us your questions so we can relay them to the speakers.

Help spread the word to other community members, and join us that evening!

Happy New Year from Ballard District Council

 2020 Review

All of us on the Board of the Ballard District Council want to wish you a very happy new year! I won’t be the umpteenth person to tell you about the difficulties of 2020. Instead, we want to mention a bit about what we did cover in 2020 and look into the new year positively.

We covered a lot of ground this year! We headed into the year hoping to update our 30+ year-old organization’s by-laws and put energy into increasing community outreach and participation. As the realities of the pandemic and other significant regional/national issues unfolded, our focus changed to coordinating BDC’s first-ever online meetings while prioritizing substantive and timely speakers/topics.

Multiple meetings welcomed local and state legislators, including Reuven Carlisle, Gael Tarleton, Dan Strauss, and a forum with the 36th District State House candidates Liz Berry and Sarah Reyneveld.

We continued to focus heavily on what we hear are the three biggest concerns of Ballard’s people: public safety, homelessness, and urban growth. One of the benefits of doing these meetings online is that they can still be viewed on our YouTube channel. Have a look!

Thank you to all who emailed us

The biggest topics we hear questions/concerns about are public safety and homelessness. Recently I had a letter to the Seattle Times published, urging the City to do better addressing these issues in our neighborhood.  Please continue to actively communicate with us!

Community Outreach

How can we reach more community members and increase the diversity of people engaging in local neighborhood civics? Help us get the word out and let us know if you have ideas for engaging more community, building relationships and sharing information.

Recap of “what is a district council?”

The notion of a “district council” is somewhat antiquated in today’s Seattle. We hope you find value in the concept of bringing together diverse groups and people at the local level to engage regularly in civic relationship-building and information-sharing — a chance to get out of specific silos and advocacy channels, to meet each other as neighbors, welcome speakers on a range of timely civic topics and engage with our elected leaders, and listen to one another’s questions, ideas, and concerns. Angie Gerrald, BDC Vice President, did a very nice job summarizing this while at Councilmember Dan Strauss’s town hall last summer. 

Looking Forward

We look forward to being able to meet in person again, as soon as it is safe. We have tentatively arranged for a return to meetings at the Ballard Library, as well as at the Sunset Hill Community Club, and very much anticipate a new normal that allows us to be together again. Please let us know where you prefer to meet, including staying online in the future!

Please join us for our next online meeting, January 13 at 7pm, for a series of presentations related to large building developments proposed on NW Market Street, including the new hotel.

Finally, have a new look at My Ballard. Under new leadership, this news and information media blog continues to be one of the best and only ways to keep up with neighborhood events and interesting items. Consider supporting them financially if you are able.

Thanks a lot, hope to see you online and masked up in the neighborhood between rainy days.

Brent Lackey, President

December update on Ballard homelessness services/housing

For our final meeting of 2020, we focused on supportive housing and homelessness services in Ballard. Tune in to learn about the history and current status of some key facilities in our neighborhood, with a feature presentation by Plymouth Housing on a new permanent supportive housing building upcoming in 2021-22.

To efficiently navigate, below are links to specific portions of the meeting, which is archived on YouTube.

Some of the topics each speaker covered included:

  • When was the facility established and how is it funded?
  • What are its main services/offerings?
  • How many people does it serve? How many people work there?
  • Are there any key challenges or changes to share?
  • How can local community members support them?
  • What is the best way to get in contact with questions or concerns?

Plymouth Housing

Presenters: Tim Parham (Director of Real Estate), Kathy Martin (Strategic Partnerships Manager), Lenna Mendoza (Communications Manager)

Overview of Plymouth as an organization, clientele they serve, development and operating principles.

Information about the new Ballard Crossing building to be built at 64th/15th NW — Construction is expected to begin in spring 2021 and finish mid-2022. The building will include 79 studio apartments for single adults who’ve experienced homelessness, as well as two studios for live-in staff, and ground-floor commercial retail space.

Building design review — Contact them if you have an opinion about the current color/design choices shown.

Follow-up questions from community:

  • Ballard has some of the slowest Seattle Police 911 response times in the city.  Since this facility is your first outside of downtown Seattle, how are you modifying your safety planning for our neighborhood?
  • What is your average number of 911 calls per month? What incident categories could potentially lead to lockdowns at Ballard High School (one block away) according to Seattle Public Schools protocols?
  • What dialogue and planning are happening between school leadership, district leadership and Plymouth?

Contact info:

NYER URNESS HOUSE (Compass Housing)

Presenter: Hannah Mistry, Senior Development Manager

Overview of Compass Housing & Nyer Urness House — Established in 2013. Nyer Urness House provides 80 units of permanent housing to formerly homeless adults, with on-site case management and medical services (Neighborcare Clinic). The site can also be used as a mailing address for unsheltered people who need an address for voter registration, bills, etc. It is located in downtown Ballard at 1753 NW 56th Street.

Follow-up question from community: Do you have a “good neighbor agreement”?

Contact info:


Presenters: Andrew Constantino (Low Income Housing Institute, Assistant Program Manager), Alyssa Colville (Manager, Whittier Heights Village Manager)

Overview of Urban Rest Stop and Tiny House Villages

Update on Whittier Heights Village

Contact info:

Follow-up question from community: When Nickelsville was on Market Street in Ballard, they were on a 2-year permit. Is that a limitation for current tiny house villages?


Presenter: Jenn Adams, Outreach Manager

Overview of Bridge Care Center — They offer outreach, resources and a day center as a faith-based ministry of Quest Church, with a variety of community partners and funders. They are located on the campus of St. Luke’s Church at 5710 22nd Ave NW, Bldg B (across from Ballard Commons Park).

Contact info:


  • There is a concentration of service providers between  Ballard Commons Park and the Urban Rest Stop.  How do different providers collaborate and intersect? Is there currently any discussion of services providers working together to  decrease tension and problematic behavior in the area?
  • If the rate of moving people out of homelessness isn’t keeping up with the rate needed and rate being added to the houseless community, how do we make net progress versus treading water? What scale is needed? What are the bottlenecks and inefficiencies? How to prevent people from becoming homeless?
  • Are there plans to keep track of good neighbor agreements and update them to increase their effectiveness for the whole community? How are they working? What provisions do you think are helpful?
  • Are there lessons learned in Seattle around low barrier services that could be used in other communities (such as Renton, SeaTac, Bellevue) to develop best practices for holistic community safety for the housed and unhoused? How do we cultivate models that will work regionally, with visible community success/support
  • How can BDC better interact with service providers to get beyond basic information to help scale up more effective progress? Is there a way Seattleites can communicate with other local communities so we don’t end up with more and more concentration in Seattle, but work together better regionally?

Panel presentation on Ballard supportive housing & homelessness services

Our December 9 meeting will feature a presentation on Plymouth Housing’s new “housing first” project planned for 15th Ave NW & NW 64th Street (just south of Ballard High School, at the site of the old Fuzzy Wuzzy Rug Cleaning location, which has moved to Holman Road).

We’ll also have updates from some of Ballard’s other supportive housing and homelessness service providers, including:

  • Nyer Urness House & Neighborcare
  • Urban Rest Stop
  • Whittier Heights Tiny House Village
  • Bridge Care Center

The meeting will be broadcast on our YouTube channel from 7-8:30pm, Wednesday, December 9.

If you have questions for our speakers, please send them in advance to

See the meeting agenda for additional details and background info. 

And please help us get the word out to other community members! Thank you.

New Public Safety Programs: CSO & LEAD at November Meeting

BDC’s November 12 meeting will provide updates on two civilian-based Public Safety programs — the city’s new Community Service Officer (CSO) Program and LEAD (law enforcement assisted diversion), as well as a visit from our District 6 City Councilmember, Dan Strauss.

The event will be broadcast on the BDC YouTube channel from 7-8:30pm on Thursday, November 12. (Note that BDC usually meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, but we are delaying by one day due to Veteran’s Day holiday.)

See the Agenda for more detailed information.

If you have questions for our speakers, please submit them to

Please help share this event with other Ballardites. Thank you!

Join us online for our 10/14/20 Candidate Forum

36th Legislative District – State Representative Forum   

We are excited to have six Ballard-area organizations helping pose questions to candidates Liz Berry and Sarah Reyneveld:

The event will be broadcast on the Ballard District Council YouTube channel from 7-8:30pm on Wed, Oct 14, and archived afterward.

The 36th District seat is the one being vacated by Gael Tarleton, who is running for Secretary of State (

Contact us via email ( if you’d like to suggest questions for the candidates.

Please help spread the word to other Ballardites!


9/8/20 Update from the President of Ballard District Council

We don’t know about you, but we are feeling a little “zoomed out” right now and have decided to take a break from our summer routine of online web-televised meetings this month. Apologies for being rather last minute with telling you. Despite the stay-home-lifestyle, it has been sooo busy for most of us still.
We are pleased to be hosting a candidate forum with our two final candidates seeking to win the 36th District State Representative seat being vacated by Gael Tarleton. Sarah Reyneveld is an assistant Attorney General in Bob Ferguson’s office who lives in greater Ballard. Liz Berry is a nonprofit director who lives in Queen Anne. Both are passionate professional women with families, raising two young children.
Please plan to join us on October 14 at 7pm to meet these candidates and ask them questions pertinent to State government in Ballard!
Despite not seeing us on YouTube for September, you should check out some of the recent meetings that are on our channel!
Here are links to our July and August meetings, and to an online town hall hosted by CM Dan Strauss in early August:
With all the careening disease, civic upheaval, and tenuous politics this year, times can get overwhelming. But Ballard District Council will keep trying to support the connectedness of our community through these times as much as possible. Our email is and you can find us on Facebook too.

Please stay in touch. Stay well!

Brent Lackey, President, BDC

Video links from 8/12/20 meeting

We had an information-rich set of presentations at our meeting on Wednesday 8/12/20 from Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle City Light, including remarks from two local artists about permanent art installations coming to Ballard. Big changes are underway on the waterfront at the base of 24th Ave NW.

We hope more community members will have opportunity to scan the content. Here are links to specific portions to ease your way. Please help share with other Ballardites.

First Set of Presentations — SPU Ship Canal Water Quality Project (SCWQP)
Second Presentation – Seattle City Light