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BDC Neighborhood Street Fund Applications

Ballard Neighborhood Street Fund applications for 2016 include:

2016-04  Pedestrian side walk, curb, parking, concrete retaining along the West of 13th Avenue N.W. between Holman Road
and new intersection at 95th for the children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens to safely walk to the Crown Hill park,
overpass, buses and business.

2016-32  Pedestrian activated signal on Holman Road overpass at Dick’s.

2016-33  Shilshole Avenue Pedestrian Crossing

2016-35 75th Ave NW and 32nd

2016-50  Pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements from Burke Gilman Trail to Leary and 8th Ave NW

2016-55  28th Ave NW Festival Street Project

2016-58  Completion of sidewalk project from 85th to Holman Rd along 13th Ave NW

2016-60 Safe Sidewalks 32nd Ave NW

2016-72 Golden Gardens Drive Sidewalk

2016-78  Safe Streets to School. West Woodland 6th Ave NW Corridor

2016-141 Repaving 80th NW between Earl & 27th Ave NW

Please attend the Ballard District Council meeting Wednesday, May 11, 2016 to learn more.