View of Salmon Bay waterway in Ballard, with industrial maritime waterfront

BDC April 2021 Meeting – Industrial Maritime Panel

Date(s) - 04/14/2021
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Join us at our April 14, 2021, meeting for a panel presentation and discussion about Ballard’s unique and valued Maritime Industrial sector. We hope to give Ballardites (newcomers and old-timers alike) a chance to hear directly from a range of voices tied to this key part of our local economy and community. With so much change in recent years, and lots more to come re: transportation, climate, zoning, jobs, and more, let’s take time to stay in tune with Ballard’s 2021 maritime industry.

The meeting will take place via Zoom and be broadcast and archived on the Ballard District Council YouTube channel.

Speakers will include:

Meeting Format

Part 1: Getting Acquainted with Ballard’s Industrial Maritime Sector

We’ve asked our speakers to provide:

  • Quick recap of their background, as related to industrial maritime, and current role(s)
  • How long has their business/industry been active in Ballard?
  • How are things right now (key strengths, issues, challenges)?
  • What do they see changing in the future?

Part 2: Q&A Panel

BDC will lead a multi-topic panel discussion. We welcome suggestions from community members! Please contact us.

Additional Information on Our Speakers

  • Doug Dixon, Pacific Fishermen Shipyard, general manager — Located at the foot of 24th Ave NW in Ballard, Pacific Fishermen was founded in 1946 by 400 Norwegian heritage fishermen as a co‐op style shipyard. Pacific Fishermen Shipyard and PFI Marine Electric are heavily involved in the PNW/Alaska fishing industry, while bringing their expertise to the commercial passenger, workboat and large yacht sectors with drydocking and repowering.
  • Warren Aakervik, Ballard Oil, former president/owner (retired) — Ballard Oil focuses their business on servicing the Pacific Northwest and Alaska fishing fleets with diesel fuel, lubricants, hydraulic oils, filters and many other related supplies. They also have a full service heating oil delivery department covering the greater Seattle area. They have operated on the ship canal, just east of the Ballard Locks, since 1937.
  • Russell Shrewsbury, Western Towboat, Vice President — A Ballard, family-owned business since 1948, Western Towboat has grown to a fleet of 22 tugs and 7 barges serving from Puget Sound to the Aleutian Islands, from Arctic Alaska to the Hawaiian Islands and to the Panama Canal. Based on NW 40th Street by the Ship Canal, they provide customers with one of the most modern, custom built & designed tug & barge fleets on the West Coast.
  • Sarah SchererMaritime & Manufacturing Advocate Seattle Office of Economic Development (OED) – Sarah Scherer, former director of the Seattle Maritime Academy in Ballard, can speak to the economic resilience and diversity of the distinct maritime segment of Seattle’s industrial economy, which includes businesses engaged in fishing, water transportation, shipbuilding and repair, marine goods and services, seafood processing, cold storage, and marine construction. The City is developing strategies to ensure a strong industrial and maritime sector now and in the future.
  • Stephanie Jones-Stebbins, Managing Director of Port of Seattle’s Maritime Division – With more than 19 years as a Port employee, Stebbins-Jones is responsible for directing the strategic and daily operations of Fishing and Commercial Operations, Cruise Operations, Grain, Recreational Boating, Industrial Properties and Marine Maintenance. She has led the strategic planning efforts to develop a vision and long-term plan for Fishermen’s Terminal. The Port works to make our local maritime industries regionally and globally competitive while focusing investments towards environmental and community health.