Get Active

This is Your Open Invitation.

Come to a Ballard District Council (BDC) meeting and participate in your community.  We need you, well-informed long-term resident.  We need you, brand-new Ballardite (yes, if you just moved here, that is what you are).

We need neighbors from Blue Ridge, Crown Hill, Olympic Manor, North Beach, Sunset Hill, Loyal Heights, Whittier Heights, Shilshole, East Ballard, and Central Ballard.

We need neighbors who have noticed something (such as traffic congestion, frenzied construction, public safety issues) and want to do something about it.   What would you like to see change for the better?

We share what is going on in our rather large and diverse  ‘hood:  park clean ups, family bike rides, sustainability fairs, and opportunities for grant funding.  Get connected to Ballard though our BDC Member Organizations.

Member organizations send delegates to represent them at the BDC, to  discuss  growth, transportation, safety, parks, planning, sustainability, homelessness, emergency preparedness, and more.

Other agencies and organizations come by to present to the group,  such as transportation agencies (e.g, King County Metro, Sound Transit, Port of Seattle),  city departments (e.g., SPU, SDOT), public safety agencies (e.g., SPD, LEAD),  elected leaders (e.g., city council), area service providers and developers, and more.

Originally established under auspices of the City of Seattle’s Department of Neighborhoods, we are now independent of the City. We continue our mission as a forum for community engagement, discussions and information sharing.

Follow us on Facebook and share with other community members. Help spread positive civic energy in our growing and changing community.

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