New Public Safety Programs: CSO & LEAD at November Meeting

BDC’s November 12 meeting will provide updates on two civilian-based Public Safety programs — the city’s new Community Service Officer (CSO) Program and LEAD (law enforcement assisted diversion), as well as a visit from our District 6 City Councilmember, Dan Strauss.

The event will be broadcast on the BDC YouTube channel from 7-8:30pm on Thursday, November 12. (Note that BDC usually meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month, but we are delaying by one day due to Veteran’s Day holiday.)

See the Agenda for more detailed information.

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Join us online for our 10/14/20 Candidate Forum

36th Legislative District – State Representative Forum   

We are excited to have six Ballard-area organizations helping pose questions to candidates Liz Berry and Sarah Reyneveld:

The event will be broadcast on the Ballard District Council YouTube channel from 7-8:30pm on Wed, Oct 14, and archived afterward.

The 36th District seat is the one being vacated by Gael Tarleton, who is running for Secretary of State (

Contact us via email ( if you’d like to suggest questions for the candidates.

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9/8/20 Update from the President of Ballard District Council

We don’t know about you, but we are feeling a little “zoomed out” right now and have decided to take a break from our summer routine of online web-televised meetings this month. Apologies for being rather last minute with telling you. Despite the stay-home-lifestyle, it has been sooo busy for most of us still.
We are pleased to be hosting a candidate forum with our two final candidates seeking to win the 36th District State Representative seat being vacated by Gael Tarleton. Sarah Reyneveld is an assistant Attorney General in Bob Ferguson’s office who lives in greater Ballard. Liz Berry is a nonprofit director who lives in Queen Anne. Both are passionate professional women with families, raising two young children.
Please plan to join us on October 14 at 7pm to meet these candidates and ask them questions pertinent to State government in Ballard!
Despite not seeing us on YouTube for September, you should check out some of the recent meetings that are on our channel!
Here are links to our July and August meetings, and to an online town hall hosted by CM Dan Strauss in early August:
With all the careening disease, civic upheaval, and tenuous politics this year, times can get overwhelming. But Ballard District Council will keep trying to support the connectedness of our community through these times as much as possible. Our email is and you can find us on Facebook too.

Please stay in touch. Stay well!

Brent Lackey, President, BDC

Video links from 8/12/20 meeting

We had an information-rich set of presentations at our meeting on Wednesday 8/12/20 from Seattle Public Utilities and Seattle City Light, including remarks from two local artists about permanent art installations coming to Ballard. Big changes are underway on the waterfront at the base of 24th Ave NW.

We hope more community members will have opportunity to scan the content. Here are links to specific portions to ease your way. Please help share with other Ballardites.

First Set of Presentations — SPU Ship Canal Water Quality Project (SCWQP)
Second Presentation – Seattle City Light

Bonus August Meeting! Join Us 8/12/20 at 7pm on YouTube

Typically, Ballard District Council is on hiatus during August, but given all the Covid-19 cancellations last spring, we are making up for lost time on the 2nd Wednesday evening of August.

Join us for presentations on two large-scale city utility projects: 

  1. Seattle Public Utilities’ Ship Canal Water Quality Project (SCWQP) — As you drive along Shilshole Avenue, you may have noticed a tall green fence around the massive undertaking between Seattle Public Utilities and King County Wastewater Treatment Division to reduce the amount of polluted stormwater and sewage that flows into the Lake Washington Ship Canal, Salmon Bay, and Lake Union. (Ballard construction includes a large site near the former Yankee Diner.) In addition to info from SPU project managers, the presentation will include  an overview of temporary and permanent public art from the Office of Arts and Culture, and artist Jeffrey Veregge will join us to discuss his concept for large-scale artwork at the Ballard site.
  • Special Note: a new community coalition called the Friends of Ballard Waterfront Park (FOBWP) will speak about promoting enhanced public open space around the 24th Ave NW Pier and shoreline street end. This loosely formed group with representatives from Groundswell NW, Stimson Marina, Central Ballard Residents and Friends of Street Ends seeks to work with SPU, other agencies and the community to maximize opportunities for public access at this important waterfront location.
  1. Seattle City Light Transportation Electrification Project — Seattle City Light is interested in your ideas and feedback on  the use of electricity to power buses, trucks, cars, ferries and other modes of transport, with benefits including cleaner air, fewer greenhouse gas emissions, opportunities to save money, and new jobs.

Community Q&A — please send us questions prior to and during the meeting, and encourage other community members to engage, as well.

See the event announcement for more info on how to participate!

Map of SPU's Ship Canal Water Quality Project, between Ballard and Fremont
Map of SPU’s Ship Canal Water Quality Project, between Ballard and Fremont

Video of BDC from CM Strauss’s Town Hall

The vice president of Ballard District Council, Angie Gerrald, participated in Councilmember Dan Strauss’s 7/21/20 Online Town Hall, providing a brief recap of the district council’s scope and history, as well as posing two Public Safety questions on behalf of the community.  Click the links below to view archived video:

9:09 — Overview of Ballard District Council

12:26 — Question 1: City council has strongly conveyed that you will be significantly and immediately making changes to the Seattle Police budget. What does this mean in practicality for the City in general and for Ballard in particular  in the next 6-12 months and 2-3 years? By what parameters are you gauging your accountability for public safety outcomes in the near term, given the unprecedented period of change?

14:59 — Question 2: Many police budget demands being presented to city council are centered around the concept of “community based organizations.” What does this tangibly mean, in the near term, for Ballard and other North Precinct neighborhoods, as funding is moved from the Seattle Police budget? How can the Ballard community engage in public safety reform at the local level?

The first half of the Town Hall also contains updates and questions from the Green Lake, Fremont, Wallingford and Phinney community councils.

The second half of the Town Hall featured a panel of Ballard residents having a community conversation about race, moderated by Dmarkis Wigfall, organizer for Justice for Black Lives.

Recap of 7/8/20 Meeting – Market Street Developments

For our July meeting, we hosted a one-hour online panel with presentations on two big new Market Street building developments (Ballard Aegis at 949 NW Market Street and Ballard Yards at 2417 NW Market Street) as well as an update from District 6 Councilmember Dan Strauss, chair of city council’s Land Use & Neighborhoods Committee.

The full video is available online, including community Q&A. See below for minute marks that allow you to jump to specific portions of interest.

Video Recap

2:00 Opening remarks

5:00 Ballard Aegis presentation by Bryan Ziegler
— 949 NW Market St
— 5-story building, 68 assisted living apartments for seniors and 24 memory care apartments

17:12 Ballard Yards presentation by Frank Stiegl
— 2417 NW Market St
— 7-story, 171-unit apartment building with restaurant/retail space

35:15 Land Use/Neighborhood Remarks by District 6 CM Dan Strauss

48:56 Q&A with Aegis (including additional Aegis project at Holman Road & Third Ave NW; delays due to pandemic; project updates and web site)

51:30 Q&A with Ballard Yards (including neighbor questions re: noise/dust mitigation and environmental impacts; why not more 2-bedroom units?; industrial noise mitigation for residents)

58:18 Q&A with Dan Strauss (including pandemic changes to design/admin reviews and public input, e.g., hotel planned for former Ballard Blossom site; rethinking density given new realities of social distancing?; Ballard Locks pedestrian access; Burlington Northern train bridge replacement)

Tune into our July 8 meeting for an update on major Market Street building projects

Join us online for the July 2020 BDC meeting for an update on Market Street building developments!

For our July meeting, we’ll broadcast a one-hour panel with two development presentations and an update from District 6 Councilmember Dan Strauss, chair of city council’s Planning and Land Use Committee.

The event will be broadcast on the Ballard District Council YouTube channel at 7pm on Wednesday, July 8.

HAVE QUESTIONS FOR OUR SPEAKERS? Please send them to before or during the presentation.

See the event link for background info on the two featured projects:

  • Ballard Aegis at 949 NW Market Street
  • Ballard Yards at 2417 NW Market Street)
  • as well as links for many other proposed Market Street projects

Recap of 5/13/20 Online Panel — Covid-19 Updates

Did you miss watching our first-ever online meeting, on Wednesday, May 13, or would you like to share with other community members? Here is a video link to the full presentation, with a focus on Covid-19 community and local government updates.

See notes below for specific time marks so you can fast forward to the portions of most interest to you.

Video Recap

0:00 — Opening Remarks & Introductions

4:46 — Jody Grage, Ballard Community Taskforce for Homelessness & Hunger

10:37 — Mike Stewart, Executive Director, Ballard Alliance

  • Establishment of private security patrol in business district to address uptick in criminal activity
  • Mural program to beautify boarded up buildings (mentioned in National GeographicSlate, Seattle Times,  and other media)
  • Ballard Marketplace – new online retail option to shop local and support businesses and restaurants
  • Farm It Forward – new program to donate Ballard Farmers Market produce direct to the Ballard Food Bank, supporting area farmers and local neighbors in need
  • Market Street Repaving – Requesting that SDOT postpone for 18 months the major repavement project for Market Street (between 15th and 24th Ave NW) scheduled to begin this summer. Would have devastating impacts for businesses already severely impacted by Covid-19, as well as overlapping with SDOT’s long delays in finishing the Multimodal project that continues to disrupt access from 24th to 32nd Ave NW.

18:14 — Rosemary Byrne, King County Health update on Ballard Farmers Market

  • Ballard Farmers Market is one of first markets in King County to re-open during the pandemic, with help of mayor’s office and CM Strauss
  • New protocols: health screening for vendors, social distancing and sanitation practices for shoppers and vendors
  • Drive through and walk through options
  • Health Dept continuing to check in each week
  • Safe and healthy option for shopping

22:25 — District 6 Councilmember Dan Strauss

  • Recap of City of Seattle Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) and Governor’s proclamation (govt limited to crisis response and  necessary and routine matters)
  • Strauss’s staff available to help small businesses navigate different levels of government support during crisis (contact Peter Nguyen)
  • Also discussed letter to governor from brewery district, SDOT multimodal, Safe Streets program, emergency housing/jobs, parking enforcement, constituent meetings, tree ordinance
  • Sign up for his newsletter/blog
  • Contact his office with questions/concerns 

34:45 King County Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles

  • County council is working full-time remotely
  • Recap of county council jurisdiction/scope (King County is larger than 16 states population-wise; she represents District 4)
  • Overview of county’s 2nd omnibus budget, in response to crisis
  • Topics covered included public health updates, childcare for essential workers, allocation of federal funds, upcoming county budget cycles, isolation/quarantine/recovery facilities, de-intensification of homeless shelters, small business assistance, tourism industry, and more.
  • She is sending helpful Covid E-News updates 5 days/week during the pandemic, with state and county updates
  • She has a staff of 4, please contact them with questions/concerns
  • Sign up for her newsletter 

47:27 Community Q&A

  • 48:04 Transit Safety question — “In addition to new requirements around mask-wearing, how will Metro be protecting public health and safety for employees and all kinds of riders, including the complexities of serving non-destination riders as well as essential workers, families, seniors, etc.”
  • 50:44 Safe Streets / Greenways – “We had several questions submitted regarding the Stay Healthy Streets initiative — the mayor’s permanent closure of through-traffic on some Neighborhood Greenways. A main theme people are inquiring about is: How can the public have input in the process? Some would like to recommend additional routes for consideration and others are noting that the SDOT decree violates the spirit of the governor’s order limiting government actions during this period to routine functions and fighting the pandemic, due to the impossibility of open public participation. Can you clarify for District 6, is there still opportunity to tweak the approach or otherwise weigh in?”
  • 54:25 Hep A Outbreak in Ballard – “Please give an update on the hepatitis A outbreak in Ballard. Is it fully under control? Any new cases?” (No new updates yet from Public Health, past May 4)
  • 55:19 Ballard Commons Park Encampments/Safety – “We received many questions about encampments and public safety issues in the Ballard Commons area and other parts of Ballard, from lack of social distancing and disease vectors, to drug and crime activity, vandalization and harassment, and other impacts. Several officials and citizens have publicly spoken out against the clean-up at Ballard Commons in favor of a shelter in place strategy for tent and vehicle campers. You’ve stated that the safety of the neighborhood is important to you but also that the removal went against your values. Aside from long-term solutions, how do you propose to keep the area around the Commons and the library safe?”
  • 58:10 LEAD and Co-LEAD – “LEAD, the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program — which has been active in Ballard since summer 2018 and presented to BDC in 2018 – has received $6 million more in funding this year. In response to the pandemic, LEAD is also being used now to support people who were released early from jail due to social distancing concerns. How can the Ballard community learn what is going on with LEAD and co-LEAD in our area? Is it possible for community members to get updates and provide feedback on the LEAD program? ”
  • 59:26 Ballard Pea Patch funding – “Given the critical nature of the response to the pandemic and resulting food shortages and supply chain interruptions, what do you view as the role of community gardens such as the Ballard P-Patch? The Campaign to Save it includes significant public monies, as identified by State, County and City representatives. Is there any concern on the county or other gov. levels that levy funds will be re-allocated and not be available to fulfill their originally mandated purposes?”
  • 1:01:23 Domestic violence & protection orders during Covid-19 – Protectino order petitions can be submitted via email. Contact her office if you need help connecting to resources.
  • 1:02:07 Closing remarks
  • 1:04:07 Grumpy D’s Open Mic Night begins