Video of Incoming Councilmember Dan Strauss at BDC 12/11/19

At our final meeting of 2019, incoming District 6 city council member Dan Strauss joined us for an informal post-election visit, one of his first public appearances since the campaign ended. Video is available.

Dan mentioned that he has his staff picked out (confirmed that some live in District 6) and is close to signing a lease on a district office, all soon to be officially announced. He will be sworn into office in January 2020.

Questions from the audience included how to support businesses impacted by current and upcoming construction on Market Street, legislative impacts on small landlords, his position on the north precinct, his approach to working with other council members, council committee assignments (no announcements yet), whether he will partner with other north end council members on public safety issues, and requests for mitigation of property crime and chop shops.

Community Service Officers (and Dan Strauss) at our December 11 Meeting

We have a wonderful agenda for our final meeting of 2019, anchored by a presentation from the new Seattle Police Community Service Officer (CSO) program and featuring a visit from incoming District 6 councilmember Dan Strauss.

Note that we’ll have holiday cookies to share (feel free to bring a few more, if you’re inspired), we’ll be voting on 2020 BDC board members, and we are asking for donations of men’s and women’s pants, socks, and underwear in support of Bridge Care Center.

Visit the Event page for more information — help spread the word to other community members and please join us on Wednesday, December 11, at 7pm at Sunset Hill Community Club (3003 NW 66th St).

December Public Meetings in Ballard

Don’t miss out on opportunities this month to get updates and ask questions about large-scale local infrastructure projects:

NW Market Street Repaving – Information Session 12/3/19

On Tuesday, Dec 3, the City is hosting a drop-in information session on the NW Market Street Paving Project, between 15th and 24th Ave NW.

The project team will share information about the updated project plan and answer any questions people have.

Ballard Library
5614 22nd Ave NW
Tuesday, December 3
5 – 7 PM

The scope of this project includes:

  • Full concrete reconstruction of NW Market St between 24th Ave NW and 15th Ave NW
  • Curb ramp upgrades and replacements
  • Sidewalk repair
  • Tree pit expansion
  • Water main upgrades
  • Stormwater drainage improvements

Additional information available on the project web site.

Questions? Email

Ship Canal Water Quality Project – Public Drop-In Session 12/11/19

Join Seattle Public Utilities at a drop-in session on Wednesday, Dec. 11, to learn about major construction coming to Ballard in early 2020. Chat with the project team, find out what impacts you can anticipate, and provide feedback on the 24th Ave NW right of way (south of NW 54th St) and street end design.
Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019
5 – 7 p.m., no formal presentation, show up anytime!
Ballard Library
5614 22nd Ave NW
(Note that you can mosey over to our Ballard District Council monthly meeting afterward, from 7-8:30pm at Sunset Hill Community Club. We’ll soon be announcing a great agenda for end of year.)
Can’t make the SPU meeting?
Visit the Ship Canal Water Quality Project website from Dec. 9 – Jan. 10 to take a survey about the 24th Ave NW right of way and street end design and, after the meeting, go online to review the materials.
Questions or comments
Please email with questions or comments.

Join us at our November meeting

Switching gears from our October political forums, for BDC’s November 13 meeting, we have a three-part agenda:

Presentation on Assisted Living/Care Facilities
Mac McQuade, the Community Relations Director for Merrill Gardens (an Assisted Living/Care Facility in Ballard), will talk about how to research and find suitable facilities for aging relatives, as well as what questions to ask as part of the search. Following the 20-minute presentation, there’ll be time for Q&A.
Sneak  Preview of the New Ballard Kaiser Permanente Clinic

Rhenda Meiser & Dr. Hannah Burdge will give an overview of the new Kaiser Permanente medical facility opening this winter on the 5th floor of the Ballard Blocks 2 building (1401 NW 46th St), next to Ballard Bridge.

An Update from Ballard Senior Center

Founded in 1973, the Ballard Senior Center provides a wide range of programs and services to seniors in the Ballard community and beyond. Mary Webster will briefly outline the mission and the services offered to more than 4,000 seniors annually (including food programs, fitness, social work, health and wellness education, partnerships with local theater groups, and more).

Council Business — Also note that next month, a selection committee will nominate the board of directors for 2020. Let us know if you’re interested in serving on the BDC executive board. The board usually meets monthly in addition to the regular BDC meeting. A primary purpose of the board is to set the agenda for BDC meetings and to help in arranging speakers and running the meetings.

Join us and help spread the word to other community members!

The meeting is Wednesday, Nov 13, 7-8:30pm at Sunset Hill Community Club (3003 NW 66th St).

Each Ballard District Council meeting begins with a few minutes of community introductions and announcements. The district council is a great place to share information and develop relationships on a variety of civic topics in the greater Ballard community. All are welcome.

Get Out the Vote!

Ballots are due back by Tuesday, Nov 5.

Return them postage-paid via US Mail or drop off at an official ballot box (like in front of Ballard Library) up to 8pm on Election Day (map of ballot box locations).

Here are some helpful links to inform your voting:

Video of King County Candidate Forum

At our October 2019 meeting, Ballard District Council hosted King County Council District 4 candidates Jeanne Kohl-Welles and Abigail Doerr.

BDC board members posed questions to the candidates and then opened it for audience Q&A. Topics covered include homelessness, transportation, affordable housing, parks, criminal justice reform, public health, and more.

Following are minute marks for various topics to help people zero in on specific candidate responses:

0:00 BDC President Tom Friedman gives brief overview of King County government scope/budget

3:00 Candidate opening statements


9:25  Seattle has 30% of the county’s population, but 70% of the county’s homeless people. What would you propose and support to geographically broaden services so public safety and health burdens are not concentrated so heavily in urban areas like Seattle, and specifically Ballard? How do we approach as a more county-wide effort?

14:27  King County is building modular housing on Elliott Ave, which has faced delays in opening on schedule. Given the state of emergency and available budget, is modular housing an appropriate option? What do you recommend for taking things to scale and acting more urgently?

18:10 How should the county respond to RV parking for those whose home is the RV? Is sleeping in vehicles a good strategy for the county to pursue (vs providing an indoor bed with vehicle parking outside)?


21:35  Re: light rail to Ballard, what is your position on a tunnel and underground station near 20th and Mkt St vs an overhead connection to a surface station east of 15 NW?

26:33  About 5 years ago Metro eliminated all off-peak bus service up and down 32NW, resulting in NO bus service midday, nights, and weekends. This has left the Sunset Hill neighborhood with no access to the public transit system other than in peak hours weekday. Similarly residents along Seaview Ave do not have ANY access to public transit. Yet residents in these areas continue to pay transit taxes. What would you propose to provide access to these residents to public transit?

31:55 follow-up on Sunset Hill / Seaview routes (reroute 40 bus? subsidized Uber/Lyft vouchers to connect to route access points?)


34:15  Part of the crux of the issue is how do city, county, state, federal government cooperate so we actually get affordable housing. Also there is a cycle where the city needs more taxes so it encourages property development to get the taxes, which leaves us with less affordable housing.  How can the County work with the City to assure a better housing mix?


40:46  In August, King County voters overwhelmingly approved an $810 million parks levy. What is your vision for using that money?


45:14   Last week city businesses released a report that criticized the city for not prosecuting repeat offenders for misdemeanors and minor felonies. This is likely also an issue in the county. What’s your vision for how the county can better respond to this repeat offender issue?

49:27  As our criminal justice system reforms and non-traditional programs like LEAD continue to expand, how can the county provide better public reporting and accountability on local impacts and outcomes?


53:05 What’s your position on sanctioning Safe Consumption sites in the county? If you support them, would you me amenable to locating them outside of Seattle, in other areas of the County?

56:24. Have you looked into how Snohomish Co. is approaching this issue?


1:00:18  Pea patch & green space question

1:04:16  Center City Streetcar (funding priorities) question

1:08:38  Vehicle housing question (considering upcoming regional authority organization/funding)

1:13:12 Public health – Funding priorities for upcoming levies (e.g., Harborview and Medic One funding)

1:17:03 How long has Abigail lived in the district?

1:17:41 Making bus fares optional? Fare enforcement, hole in operating budget, philosophy of payments. How do you expect to make this work?

1:23:24 Climate change as highest priority. Should this be a formalized criteria for every county decision?


1:28:04 Final candidate statements

Additional Voter Info

King County Council District 4 includes Ballard, Green Lake, Queen Anne, Magnolia, Belltown, and NW Seattle (Bitter Lake, Greenwood, et al) (Link to district map)

Seattle Times’ articles
King County Info

Meet King County Council D4 Candidates at Our October Meeting

For our October 9 meeting, at Sunset Hill Community Club, we’ll be welcoming incumbent King County Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles and challenger Abigail Doerr, who will be on the November ballot.

The agenda will include a brief overview of King County government, opening statements from each candidate, a selection of questions from Ballard District Council’s board, and then time for open Q&A with attendees. Please bring your questions for the candidates.

This will be a less formal event than last week’s city council forum — a great chance to interact on a variety of topics (transportation, homelessness, public health, affordable housing, sewer infrastructure, water quality, etc.)

Please help us spread the word to other community members.

Wed, Oct 9, 7-8:30pm at Sunset Hill Community Club (3003 NW 66th St)

Additional Background Info:

— King County Council District 4 includes Ballard, Green Lake, Queen Anne, Magnolia, Belltown, and NW Seattle (Bitter Lake, Greenwood, et al)

— 2019-2020 King County Budget Overview:

— Guide to the King County Council:

10/7/19 Seattle Times article on the candidates