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BDC March Meeting Focus: Demographic Changes and Growth

MARCH 8, 2017


Location:  Merrill Gardens, 2418 NW 56th Street
Time:  7:00-8:30 pm

Please join us!   All are welcome whether you are part of our member organizations or not.

The format for the March meeting will be somewhat unusual as we focus on the demographic changes and growth Seattle is now seeing and will experience over the next one to two decades.  With a better understanding of these wider changes we can be better prepared to intelligently evaluate options and lobby for the best interests of our community.  Following up in April we will focus more tightly on competing interests in Ballard along the transition blend of ship canal maritime, industrial, commercial and residential.  In both cases the meeting structures will be panel discussions with invited guest panelists bringing a variety of appropriate expertise.

7:00-7:15  Introductions and brief announcements

7:15-7:25  Update on BDC non-profit application, letter of support for industrial use of Interbay land

7:25-7:30  A rapid fire look at changes past, present, & near future to illustrate magnitude of changes

7:30-8:30  Panel discussion with audience participation encouraged.

A few of the panelists who have generously offered their time and expertise to give us an inside look at this basket we’re all in:

  • Tim Thomas, PhD candidate in Sociology at the UW and demographer with a focus on Seattle
  • Joshua McNichols, KUOW “growing pains” reporter since 2015
  • John Fox, Seattle Displacement Coalition, focused on changing housing needs
  • Steve Cohn, retired city planner having worked with several surrounding municipalities dealing with Growth Management Act

Other specialists may also join us as they sort out their schedules.  It promises to be an educational and interesting evening.