8/6/20 streetside view of Seattle Public Utility's massive Ship Canal Water Quality Project, currently under construction along Shilshole Ave NW, just below the intersection with NW Market Street and 24th Ave NW.

BDC August 2020 Meeting – Ship Canal Water Quality Project & City Light Electrification Project

Date(s) - 08/12/2020
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Join us for a BONUS August meeting, with presentations on two large-scale city utility projects, with important impacts and implications for Ballard residents and businesses. Typically, Ballard District Council is on hiatus during August, but given all the Covid-19 cancellations last spring, we are making up for lost time on the 2nd Wednesday evening of August.

Tune in August 12 at 7pm via the Ballard District Council YouTube channel.

Seattle Public Utilities’ Ship Canal Water Quality Project (SCWQP)

Have you noticed the large construction project, with workers busy around the clock, behind the tall green fence on Shilshole Ave NW, just below 24th & Market Street?

The SCWQP is a joint project between Seattle Public Utilities and King County Wastewater Treatment Division to reduce the amount of polluted stormwater (from rain) and sewage that flows into the Lake Washington Ship Canal, Salmon Bay, and Lake Union.

  • SPU Project Managers Stephanie Secord and Kelsey Hinsperger will discuss tunnel construction and pump station design.
  • Seattle Office of Arts and Culture Project Manager Jason Huff will provide a summary of art along the entire SCWQP and temporary artwork in Ballard during construction.
  • Artist Jeffrey Veregge will join us to discuss his concept for the permanent artwork at the Ballard site.

Map of SPU's Ship Canal Water Quality Project, between Ballard and Fremont
Map of SPU’s Ship Canal Water Quality Project, between Ballard and Fremont


Special Note

A new community coalition called the Friends of Ballard Waterfront Park (FOBWP) will speak about promoting enhanced public open space around the 24th Ave NW Pier and shoreline street end. This loosely formed group with representatives from Groundswell NW, Stimson Marina, Central Ballard Residents and Friends of Street Ends seeks to work with SPU, other agencies and the community to maximize opportunities for public access at this important waterfront location.

Seattle City Light Transportation Electrification Project

Seattle City Light is interested in your ideas and feedback on  Transportation Electrification — the use of electricity to power buses, trucks, cars, ferries and other modes of transport. By using City Light’s affordable hydroelectric power, transportation electrification can lead to a number of community benefits including cleaner air, fewer greenhouse gas emissions, opportunities to save money, and new jobs.

City Light has developed investment priorities for transportation electrification based on feedback from environmental justice community leaders, environmental advocacy organizations, labor unions, shared mobility companies, major commercial fleets and transportation industry stakeholders.

Which priorities are most important to our community? Hear from Seattle City Light and share your feedback.

Seattle City Light "The Nation's Greenest Utility"
Seattle City Light “The Nation’s Greenest Utility”

Image of electric vehicles (bus, truck and cars)


Conducting question and answer efforts with panels is more challenging with pandemic-led virtual presentations.  We look forward to being able to once again gather in person in the future. Until then, one of our best ways to work around this is by soliciting your questions in advance to our info@ballarddistrict.org email.  You could also send us a message via Facebook or using the YouTube comments feature during the live video broadcast. We’ll try to keep up with these platforms to monitor all questions that come in.

Please share your ideas and questions and encourage other community members to engage, as well. 

The YouTube meeting video will be archived afterward for viewing and sharing.